About Us

Our Mission

Paros Olive Oil Tasting is a branch of the ‘Green Travel” Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE/KOINSEP), 100% owned by local people. Green Travel is monitored by the Greek Ministry of Labour & Social Security and operates along the principles of social economy, therefore placing emphasis on benefiting employees and local communities. Green Travel's mission is to create a sustainable tourism paradigm and preserve the islands’ cultural & environmental heritage, primarily by maintaining, reutilising traditional, centuries-old walking routes and by promoting the cultural heritage such as the preservation of the Mediterranean diet (UNESCO) through the consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). Paros Olive Oil Tasting was founded to deliver Olive Oil Tasting Sessions and Tours paired with local Cycladic gastronomy, aiming to share knowledge on the benefits deriving from the daily consumption of EVOO, to inspire people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and become responsible and informed consumers. The values of hospitality, intercultural dialogue and creativity, and a way of life guided by respect for diversity may be preserved through practicing the Mediterranean diet. Eating together is a moment of social exchange and communication, an affirmation and renewal of family, group, or community identity. Given that olive oil is an indispensable part of the Mediterranean diet the preservation of this intangible cultural heritage practice is one of our aims.

Our Story

Paros Olive Oil Tasting was created by Mairi Maniopoulou, who believes that environmental and cultural preservation and behavioral change may be achieved through participation in experiential activities, education, and knowledge sharing, in respect of the values, rituals and inherit of our ancestors. A blend of skills that Mairi had developed through the years resulting from the combination of her expertise in participatory processes as a policy scientist, her charisma in communication, marketing, and event organization, her asset in guiding and creating niche walking vacations on the Cyclades for travelers and recently her great passion for gastronomy and good olive oil, led her to seek deeper knowledge and become an Olive Oil Sommelier.

Our Team

Training Certificate ESAO - Olive Oil School of Spain

Mairi Maniopoulou

Green Travel Partner
Founder of Paros Olive Oil Tasting and a partner of Green Travel SCE which also includes Walking Plus & Paros Hikes. Having long experience and knowledge of the Cycladic nature and culture, she is a professional hiking guide and a creator of unique walking vacations specialized in Cycladic destinations. Her passion for gastronomy and for good olive oil led her to seek deeper knowledge and become a certified Olive Oil Sommelier from the Spanish University of Olive Oil (ESAO). Since 2019 she decided to live on Paros island aiming to transfer knowledge to foreign guests and consumers, to inspire and actively contribute to the environmental and cultural preservation of the goods and practices her country represents. Mairi has also a passion for the sea, having more than 15 years of experience in maritime governance and management, having expertise in collaborative leadership, facilitation, communication and digital marketing. She is a European Policy MSc graduate and she speaks English and French. Mairi is also a certified photographer, yoga instructor, diver, skipper and lifeguard. She is a member of the ESAO Alumni.

Christoforos Korovesis

Green Travel Manager
Manager of Walking Plus and founder of walking & eco-tours company Paros Hikes established in 2013. Christoforos is an English Literature graduate and a trained and experienced Eco-Tours Escort, who has also led walking tours for French and British operators. Apart from excellent English, he speaks French, Italian and basic German. His other interests include writing & photography.

Our Ventures

Walking Plus

Walking Plus, a boutique travel agency, offers self-guided and guided hiking tours on the Cyclades.

Paros Hikes

Paros Hikes offers exciting walking, cycling & cultural day-tours on Paros & Antiparos.