Effective Date: July 2021

Safety is paramount and is placed above all other considerations. We follow all the expected guidelines and regulations regarding the safety of our guests.

In response to the special challenges of the COVID-19, we take all necessary precautions to ensure a safe experience.

o Full compliance will all measures announced by the government  and WHO 
o Private transfers only
o Special coordination to avoid crowds at all times during our sessions and tours
o Outdoor sittings during our sessions and tours
o Disposable masks and sanitizer offered to all guests
o Hosts, guides and drivers are trained to be aware of operations and hygiene safety
o All employees are vaccinated and will be going through regular medical examinations

The new public health rules regarding leisure, dining, and entertainment venues in Greece:

From 16 July 2021, restaurants, bars, cinemas, and theatres are required to have official door signage indicating their coronavirus safety level. An establishment will be:

• “Covid-free” – meaning it caters only to patrons able to show an official certificate of full immunity;
• a “mixed space” (look for green and orange signage) – meaning that it also admits unvaccinated individuals with a negative PCR or rapid test taken within the last 72 or 48 hours respectively;
• or a “fully vaccinated staff” venue – the sign depicts a syringe with a green check mark.

Outdoor restaurants & cafes are operating as normal, with a maximum of 10 people per table. However indoor restaurants & cafes, as well as nightclubs, music venues, theatres and indoor cinemas will require visitors to show proof of vaccination (14 days since full vaccination) or proof of having recovered from Covid-19 (within the last six months and minimum 30 days since the first positive result). Children are required to have carried out a Covid-19 self-test to enter.

You won’t need to wear a mask in uncrowded open places, although you will need to have one with you for any congested public and indoor spaces (such as transport, shops, and public utilities) and follow any local safety measures in place.