Olive Oil Tasting Session

Olive Oil Tasting Session

from 70€/prs
2,5 Hours 2+prs Food Pairing Wine Lunch Tasting

For Those Who Value Quality

Offered in private group sessions, this activity primarily focuses on a sensory analysis process through which you will explore and learn to recognize the intensities, aromas, flavors and various types of olive oil. We will guide you in savoring and noting the different pleasant tastes and aromas, as well as recognizing defects in olive oil. Using suitable tasting glasses, you will taste different award-wining Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs) originating from different olive varieties and areas of Greece. Furthermore, you will learn about the geographical distribution, olive varieties and the factors that determine the characteristics of olive oil. Through an interactive and fun process, we will next pair and taste EVOOs with local organic products so you can understand the transformative power of olive oil, particularly in the context of Cycladic cuisine. Along the way, we will also introduce you to the ‘story’ of olive oil, its role in social, economic and religious life and rituals of the Greeks since the ancient times, and how olive oil can contribute to a healthier lifestyle according to the principles of Mediterranean diet. Finally, Cycladic dishes, local artisan bread, Parian award-winning wine and a traditional homemade dessert will nicely round off the experience (dietary restrictions will be observed ).


2 prs min/small groups


midday/afternooon Duration 2,5 hrs


Prodromos, Paros island, Greece

Getting There

Private transfer upon request

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Private Activities Pricing

Olive Culture Tour
indicative group price / starting at
  • Private walking tour & tasting session
Olive Oil Tasting Session
indicative group price / starting at
  • Private tasting session
  • Tasting premium award-winninng Greek EVOOS
  • Food pairing with Cycladic dishes and local products
  • Mediterranean diet, health benefits & Greek gastronomy
  • Parian olive oil menu
  • Hotel pick up/drop off upon request
  • Fees are not included in the price
Tailor Made Activities
  • Upon request

A Private Tasting Experience!

Book an exclusive Olive Oil Tasting Session perfectly tailored to your preferences

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